Mana Regeneration

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Mana Regeneration, frequently abbreviated as MR, is the process that refills a character's mana pool with Mana. There are several factors that determine the rate of mana regeneration.


Introduction to Mana Regeneration

First are skills and stats. Two skills directly affect your mana regeneration rate, these are Meditation and Focus. Your Intelligence is also a factor in regeneration.

The second determining factor is equipment, that is, items with the "Mana Regeneration" property. Currently, in-game items with this property have a intensity range of 1-9. Another consideration with equipment is whether or not you can "actively meditate" in the armor you are wearing. Items with the property tag of "Mage Armor" and items that are non-metal, will permit the wearer to actively meditate; armor other than these will cause you to fail in your active meditation attempt. If you are unsure if you current configuration is medable, then attempt to meditate. If you're wearing non-medable armor, you will receive the message, "Regenerative Forces cannot penetrate your armor."

Finally, the method of meditation has a huge effect on how fast you can regenerate mana. Passive regeneration, which means you are doing nothing out of the ordinary, slowly rebuilds your mana based on the first two factors. Active meditation, places you in a meditative trance, and as long as you are in that trance, you recover mana at an accelerated rate.

Mana regeneration is based on a 10-second period of time, all the remaining math will help you to determine the total mana regenerated over that 10 second period of time, and from there, you can determine mana generated per second.

The base regeneration formula is:

  • Mana reg (per second) = 0.2 +
  • Focus/200 +
  • (1 or 1.1 if meditation>=100)*(Meditation*3/400+Int/400)*(0 for nonmedi armor 1 for medy armor or 2 if active meditation) +
  • ((Meditation/2+Focus/4)*1/90*0.65+2.35)*(sqrt(ManaReg from items)-1) + 1/10 sqrt(ManaReg from items) is caped 5.5 so Mana regs from items is capped at 30</sup>[1]

The most common equipment with the Mana Regeneration property are:

The total Mana Regeneration from equipment is capped at 30.[1]

Necromancer Forms

The Mana Regeneration bonus that is imparted by assuming a Necromancy form counts towards your 18 MR cap for equipment. (So in the formula, if either of these forms apply, add them to the MRe value).

Vampire Form - 4 MR
Lich Form - 13 MR

Ankh Pendant & Mana Regeneration

Wearing the Ankh Pendant, characters who visit the:

  • Honesty shrine and sat "Ahm" are granted a Mana Regeneration of +2 for one hour;
  • Justice shrine and chant "Beh" are granted a Mana Regeneration of +1 and a Hit Point Regeneration of +1 for one hour, with a 50% chance to get one regeneration bumped up to +2;
  • Spirituality shrine and chant "Om" are granted +1 for Stamina, Hit Point, and Mana Regeneration for one hour, with a 25% chance to get each regeneration bumped to +2; and
  • Humility shrine and chant "Lum" are granted a random regeneration of +3 for one hour.

The bonus can only be activated once per day. A character only needs to wear the ankh while chanting at the shrine; it may be removed while maintaining the bonus.


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Mana Regeneration (2):


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