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* Crafting boards out of rare wood with ""do not color"" toggled will no longer result in plain boards
* Crafting boards out of rare wood with ""do not color"" toggled will no longer result in plain boards
* [[Ringmail Glove]]s can now be smelted
* [[Ringmail Glove]]s can now be smelted
* Smelting ore when your backpack is overweight no longer causes the produced ingots to drop to the ground
* Smelting ore when your [[backpack]] is overweight no longer causes the produced ingots to drop to the ground
* Fixed an issue that caused certain craftable artifact weapons to occasionally receive properties with 0 intensity
* Fixed an issue that caused certain craftable artifact weapons to occasionally receive properties with 0 intensity
* [[Egg Bomb]]s can now be made with bags of flour
* [[Egg Bomb]]s can now be made with bags of flour

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The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 37 on November 3, 2005.

This publish was referred to as the "Bug Crushing Olympics", fixing not only recent bugs from the Mondain's Legacy expansion but other long standing ones.


  • Reverted the hunger system back to the way it worked prior to Mondain's Legacy
  • Party looting will now be off by default
  • Elves no longer lose their 20 points of mana gained from their racial ability when they cross a server line
  • Players who have not upgraded to Mondain's Legacy now have the correct menu options when using a Hairstylist.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused Elves with certain types of hairstyles to lose their hair
  • Sea Serpent Scales are no longer mislabeled as dragon scales in certain situations
  • You can now rename Ship Keys again. To do this, double-click the key and then target it
  • All characters on the account that placed a vendor can now fully customize it
  • Fixed an issue that limited the number of Kegs that could be put on a vendor
  • Players can no longer trade items directly from a vendor’s pack
  • Plant security settings now work properly
  • Fixed a few issues that caused the Rose of Trinsic to not always produce a petal every 4 hours in certain situations
  • Hearth of the Home Fire now displays its name correctly
  • Objects with the same hue as Frostwood will no longer display the item property “frostwood”
  • Re-deeded Spinning Wheels now display their orientation correctly
  • Talisman of Fey can no longer be bonded to players
  • Spellweaving Spellbooks no longer use lockdown slots for each spell they contain
  • Elementals spawned by a Gargoyle's Pickaxe are now hued
  • Players can no longer give a Lucky Necklace to an NPC jeweler
  • Fixed an issue that caused the small urn to act like a container when items were placed on it
  • Thrasher’s Tail no longer acts as a Flax Bundle
  • Runebooks now display the correct sextant coordinates
  • Replaced the ""W"" was missing from the longitude coordinate in runebooks in the 2D client
  • Players can now see their Paperdoll Title when in animal or monster form
  • The Wild Staff can no longer be used to cut up animal corpses
  • Fixed a misspelling with Sculptor NPCs
  • The chat window no longer closes when you cross a server line
  • The chat window now minimizes instead of closing when you die
  • Throwing an Arcane Focus in the trash now removes the Arcane Focus script from your character. Characters that had this script permanently attached to them before are now fixed.
  • The Cu Sidhe can no longer be tamed by Necromancers unless they have the appropriate Animal Taming ability
  • Players are no longer able to recall to a boat placed in T2A Felucca, unless the player is already in T2A
  • Bandages from the Fountain of Life now work with the Veterinary skill
  • Various server stability and other back-end fixes


  • Escort NPCs can now follow players through gates to different facets
  • Fixed an issue with doing escorts to Ocllo
  • Object timers now update correctly when you log out
  • A timer has been added to the quests Message in a Bottle and Waiting to be Filled so that players cannot retake these quests repeatedly
  • The Broken Shaft Quest now asks for Arrows instead of Fukiya Darts
  • New characters who start as ninjas are now correctly told to equip their Tekagi instead of their Shuko during the Mongbat Quest

Crafting / Craftables

  • Wooden Clubs are now craftable and enhancable
  • Commodity Deeds now display what type of wood they contain
  • All versions of the Radiant Scimitar can now be repaired and enhanced
  • Crafting boards out of rare wood with ""do not color"" toggled will no longer result in plain boards
  • Ringmail Gloves can now be smelted
  • Smelting ore when your backpack is overweight no longer causes the produced ingots to drop to the ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain craftable artifact weapons to occasionally receive properties with 0 intensity
  • Egg Bombs can now be made with bags of flour
  • Boards crafted from Frostwood no longer have a chance of receiving spell channeling on them
  • Elven Reading Chairs now display their name properly when they have been turned
  • Clothing Bless Deeds now work on male and female Kimonos


  • Fixed an issue that caused tamers to not always highlight properly when flagged as an aggressor
  • Riding Swipe now properly damages mounts
  • Riding Swipe now works properly on Hiryus
  • Disarm now works properly on Ornate Axes, War Cleavers and Crooks
  • Corrected older Ornate Axes to do about the same amount of damage as new ones
  • The Hit Lower Defense property on Mace and Shield Reading Glasses now works as intended
  • The 10% damage bonus on the Quiver of Infinity now works as intended
  • Recovered arrows no longer go into a player’s backpack when the Quiver of Infinity is equipped
  • Using the Quiver of Elements and Consecrate Weapon at the same time now applies the correct amount of damage
  • You can now place arrows into a quiver that already has arrows in it
  • Quivers now display the number of arrows remaining in them on their tool-tip
  • Faction Traps now show what faction they belong to
  • Faction Trap Removal Kits now show how many uses they have left
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck in Vampiric Embrace
  • Players can no longer use Incognito or body paint while in vampire form
  • Ninja Mirror Images will now appear as the correct color
  • Blue mirror images now flag grey when their owner flags grey to a murderer
  • Players now do 1 point of damage to Golems with every hit of a 100% poison weapon


  • Players lacking the required amount of real skill (skill level before jewelry bonuses) to bond with their pet will now receive a message informing them of this
  • Fixed an issue that would cause certain types of pets to lose hitpoints when they crossed a server line
  • Pack Animals that go wild now drop their owner’s items they were holding into special bag on the ground.
  • Players can now stable the Imprisoned Dog
  • The Imprisoned Dog no longer imitates invisible players
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a pets hit points to be reset if their strength was at its cap and the pet got blessed.
  • Pets that have been Polymorphed now correctly use the player’s veterinary skill to heal the pet, instead of the player’s healing skill
  • Fire Beetles are no longer colored to dead players in the 2D Client
  • Pet Parrot Perches now automatically lock down when placed inside of houses

Dungeon / Map

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Spiked Trap to continually spawn in one location in the Citadel dungeon
  • Ilshenar Minor Artifacts no longer drop from Mondain's Legacy monsters
  • Reduced the chances of receiving a minor artifact from Mondain’s Legacy Mini-bosses.
  • Young Players are now warned in the hallway leading into the Doom dungeon that they are not safe, rather than once they drop into the hole.
  • Paragon Golems no longer spawn in the dungeon of Wrong
  • Paragon Golems now spawn less frequently in Ilshenar
  • Marble Stairs no longer drop from Paragon Golems
  • Changelings in Twisted Weald no longer go to inappropriate areas
  • Changelings will now return to their changeling body type as appropriate
  • Jukan Warriors no longer say strange things when using Paralyzing Blow
  • The Prism of Light Ticket is now destroyed when it is placed on the ground
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Orc Brutes to not carry loot
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed Paroxysmus to teleport players to a location where they could get stuck
  • Fixed a stuck location in the Palace of Paroxysmus
  • Fixed the ""No dest Object Variable found bark when crossing a teleporter in Wind
  • Removed a Treasure Chest Spawn that could block narrow passage ways in Hythloth
  • Fixed a rubber banding issue at a Delucia Passage entrance
  • Fixed a few lava tiles in the lava river in the Fire Dungeon
  • Added a teleport tile onto a roof in the Fire dungeon that previously would cause a player to be stuck up there
  • Fixed a Dungeon of Destard stuck location
  • Fixed a Trammel / Felucca stuck location near a cliff
  • Added the missing half of an island in Trammel / Felucca
  • Fixed various missing water tiles in Trammel / Felucca
  • Repaired the upper section of the city walls near the Warrior's guild in Serpent's Hold
  • Adjusted the doors in Serpent's Hold Stables so they are no longer hang off center
  • Removed a section of plaster wall near the Assassin’s Guild in Buc’s Den that shouldn’t have been there
  • Bowyers will now spawn in the bowyer shop in Yew


  • Improved the way object handles display names
  • Tracking arrow now lines up better with target in 2D client
  • The sounds slider bar in the options menu now works correctly
  • Ambient jungle sounds no longer persist when you leave the jungle
  • Players and creatures will no longer disappear when a frame of animation cannot be found. This change addresses several issues such as:
    • Players horse disappears when they are net fishing while mounted
    • Parrot disappears when it squawks
    • Player disappears while lumberjacking in Horrific Beast form (2D client)
  • Fixed a few spots in Ilshenar that were too dark
  • Fixed a trailing issue for players riding beetles while wearing a Wizard’s Hat
  • Revenants will now correctly display the equipment they are wearing
  • Fixed an issue where the party looting rights toggle did not always display the correct information
  • The Abattoir house add-on no longer disappears when the OmitBlood option is enabled.
  • The skills list now closes correctly when you hit the back button during character creation
  • Fixed an art issue on the Elven Wash Basin (south)
  • Tall Elven Beds no longer clip second floor tiles
  • Flowered hairstyle now has a flower in 3D client
  • Carpets now show up correctly on the 2nd floor of the Britain Library
  • Characters who equip a repeating crossbow no longer have a black dot show up on their forehead in their paperdoll
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Leaf Tonlets in 3D client
  • Gold no longer falls through certain floor tiles
  • Spiked hair no longer clips through certain helmets
  • Mounted player no longer sits to the side of a Cu Sidhe
  • String of Shells is no longer visible through upper floors when placed on a lower floor
  • Fixed windowed wall tiles that weren't aligned correctly
  • Gauntlets of Valor no longer disappear while wearing a robe in 3D client
  • Elven Pants and Leaf Leggings now fit better with older clothing such as thigh boots in 2D client
  • Trimmed down the Elven Pauldrons - made them more slim fitting so that they conceal better under jackets in 2D client
  • Help menu text is now less bright is 3D client
  • Fixed an issue with the Bed of Nails that caused clipping to occur if it was placed too close to other items
  • Adjusted the height of the bark roof x intersection
  • The Wizard's Hat no longer leaves a trail when worn by a player riding a beetle
  • The Flowered Hairstyle now displays a flower in the 3D client
  • Added legs to Ornate Elven Tables

Pub37 Exploits / Other Issues

  • Making cloth from a loom can no longer overload a player with a full backpack
  • Chopping house add-on deeds can no longer overload a player with a full backpack
  • Players can no longer be in animal form before they change races
  • Non-Faction characters can steal a city Faction Sigil by summoning a horde minion familiar
  • Using a DoT on a player that changes into the serpent animal form will no longer keep poisoning the victim.
  • Stacked items are no longer able to be split while on a vendor
  • Players can no longer Teleport onto stools
  • The Shimmering Effusion waiting room is now considered a boss fight region
  • The area around the teleporter in the Travesty room is now a boss fight region
  • Interred Grizzles will no longer continually spawn indefinitely in Bedlam Dungeon.
  • Gauntlet Bosses will now attack ""Young"" players
  • Fixed an exploit that caused pets only take up 1 Follower Slot
  • Players can no longer store large quantities of resources cheaply on player ran vendors
  • Barrels and over-loaded containers no longer allow players to use vendor as storage space
  • Containers weight no longer overflows if the container exceeds 65535 stones
  • You are no longer able to use items that are on a stabled pack animal
  • Dyed ninja belts can no longer be cut for rare colors and spined, horned, and barbed leather
  • Logging out of the client no longer resets the timer for planting Green Thorns
  • Area of Effect Magery spells no longer damage targets that should be out of sight
  • Removed the ability for players to get underneath a pond in Felucca
  • Ninja mirror images will now appear as the correct color
  • Blue mirror images now flag grey when their owner flags grey to a murderer
  • Familiars will no longer attack old targets causing the owner to become criminal
  • Players are no longer able to dye secured bags in someone else's house
  • Players can no longer dye reward statues that are locked down
  • Ethereal mount statues now work properly if a player dies while summoning it
  • Faction traps are no longer stackable in one tile
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to obtain golden skulls easily
  • Fixed a few areas in the new dungeons that allowed players to attack creatures with ranged weapons and spells without being attacked
  • Elves that use savage tribal paint no longer appear as humans and display helms they are wearing as normal human instead of modified elven helmets
  • Players can no longer teleport under the lake in Destard

ERT Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to place items on other players
  • Peerless boss teleport items now display which facet they can be used in if they are for dungeons in Trammel or Felucca


Update 1

On November 9, 2005, the following was published:

  • Cu Sidhe tamed before pub 37 will once again heal their owners.
  • Advanced Character Tokens will no longer work on Siege Perilous and Mugen shards.
  • An issue that could potentially cause shards to crash has been fixed.
  • The Ninjitsu Death Strike ability will once again do the intended amount of damage.
  • Multiple Deathstrikes will now stack appropriately on an opponent that has not moved.
  • Changed the cut-off date for claiming Blue Soulstone tokens to December 13th. After this date 8th Anniversary codes will no longer produce a Blue Soulstone token, however any tokens already claimed in-game will be redeemable indefinitely.
  • Fixed two exploits.

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