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I can give the description of what each year reads if it requested.Aion1125 17:17, 1 September 2012 (PDT)

It is really up to you, but if you decide to do so, here are the texts:

"Britannia Year 289"
"Mondain murdered his father and twisted his family's Sun Ruby into the Gem of Immortality. Using this power, Mondain sent armies to the ends of Sosaria to conquer everything. The Stranger's sword smashed the dark gem, killing Mondain and shattering the world into different shards. "
"Britannia Year 294"
"The leaders of the Followers of Armageddon, Martoo Saul, Junin Pince, Zendella Kxriss, and Miron Vehl, bargained with wisps to learn the Armageddon spell and worked in secret to collect enough blackrock to cast it. Their conspiracy of terror resulted in the death of many innocents, but eventually the group's leaders were captured and executed. "
"Britannia Year 299"
"The Followers of Armageddon unsuccessfully cast the Armageddon Spell, but the magic unleashed resulted in earthquakes and tremors that opened entrances to a mysterious land. These Lost Lands were explored by Crawworth during the first Britannian expedition. However, the unsuspecting humans were thrown into an ancient struggle between the Terathans and Ophidians. The dangers of the land proved too great, and Crawworth lost his life at the start of the second age. "
"Britannia Year 304"
"Empowered by stone monuments built in the eight Virtue cities, the wizard Nystul cast an ancient spell, using the blue moon of Trammel to create a new facet of Britannia. The people of Britannia fled to this new land to escape the armies of Minax. Spells woven into the matrix of this new facet of Trammel protected its people from certain dangers. "
"Britannia Year 309"
"The facet of Ilshenar was rediscovered. Ilshenar had been cut off from the rest of Sosaria after the destruction of the Gem of Immortality. The land was originally settled by people known as the Anskitas. Their civilization fell into ruin long before Britannians began to explore these lands of danger and despair. "
"Britannia Year 314"
"The being Exodus tore the Juka through time to be its army against Britannia. The Meer went to sleep only to wake with the return of their old enemy. Exodus's plans required a controllable human leader and a subjugated gargoyle people. These plans failed when Exodus mysteriously disappeared, leaving the Juka and Blackthorn to face defeat."
"Britannia Year 319"
"The dark facet of Malas was discovered, a land crumbling into a sea of stars. The lore of Chivalry and Necromancy were discovered in the rival cities of Luna and Umbra. Many lost their lives in expeditions to the ancient and terrible dungeon of Doom. "
"Britannia Year 324"
"Britannians discovered the way to Tokuno and began exploring its many islands. This facet is ruled by the Empress from her capital of Zento. Warriors from Britannia learned new martial skills from the samurai and ninjas of these feudal islands. "
"Britannia Year 329"
"In the center of Yew, the Heartwood was reconnected to Sosaria. The Heartwood is the ancestral elf home, severed from the world when the Gem of Immortality was shattered. With the return of the elven people, their blood was reawakened in humans with elven ancestors. "
"Britannia Year 334"
"The legendary thief Ricardo stole the artificed scion from the Ophidians. This resulted in Ophidian attacks on Papua and Vesper. While the attacks were repelled, Ricardo was placed on trial and found guilty. Inu the Crone appeared with cryptic warnings about a troubled future. "
"Britannia Year 339"
"A dark gate opened, and an army of demons invaded the prideful island of Magincia. While the demons were eventually defeated, Magincia's buildings were reduced to rubble, and the isle remained cursed and blighted. The strange figures were seen near the dark gate as the final demon berserkers were killed."
"Britannia Year 344"
"The Mad Mage Kronos activated what he believed to be a blackrock detector. It instead tore a hole into the Ethereal Void, allowing the Shadowlords entry to our world. The Shadowlords wasted no time in causing upheaval, murdering the Royal Council and inviting their Crimson dragon allies to strike. "
"Britannia Year 349"
"A reformed and highly secretive Royal Council appointed the elf Casca as king pro-tempore. Casca had been corrupted by the Shadowlords; he ruled as a cruel despot. His wicked reign and the Shadowlords' plan were stopped by an army of Britannians, led by Dawn and Platinum dragon allies. The destruction of the Shadowlords resulted in a volcanic eruption on Fire Island that revealed a way into the great Stygian Abyss and the gargoyle lands of Ter Mur. "
"Britannia Year 354"
"A renewed interest in ocean trade lead to increased activity on Sosaria's waters. Merchant and pirate ships took to the high seas, hoping to make new fortunes by trade or by plunder. Ancient sea monsters such as the Scalis rose from the depths, attracted by these fleets of ships. "
"Britannia Year 359"
"Dawn, the young warrior queen, ordered her subjects to bring the Crystal of Duplicity out of the great vault, only to lose the crystal and her life to Virtuebane. Eventually, an alliance of humans, gargoyles, and Meer would force the demon and his army to retreat into the Void. "
"Britannia Year 364"
"Chaos gripped the land, as fear and strife tore across Britannia. The being Exodus returned from the Void, forcing a retreat out of Ilshenar by the gargoyles of Ver Lor Reg. Returning to their ancient homeland in Ter Mur, these refugees carried with them a deadly plague. Only a noble figure from Britannia's past was able to restore order and hope to Sosaria."

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